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Make A Wish Skydive In Greece

Make a wish. Fly with our tandem parashutes and make your dream come true. Fly over the Saronic islands , over the historical naval battle of Salamis and feel the adrenaline in your body in one of our amazing flights.
Discover Athens and the Saronic islands from above on this thrilling skydiving jump from 10.000 feet.
Skydive Greece and the experienced instructors can’t wait to show you the extreme landscapes from high above. With the expert instructors, you’ll take a breath out of 10.000 ft. All instructors have performed thousands of in his life, so relax, you’re in great hands.

After a small briefing, and gearing up, you’ll be escorted to the plane and flown to 10,000ft where your adrenaline adventure awaits. Once you become a bird , you have 40 seconds of freefall to enjoy before the parachute opens and you’re flown back down to earth.

Get ready to jump!
– meet with your instructors and complete all the necessary paperwork
– have a theory lesson on positioning: how to exit the plane, what to do during your skydive, etc
– gear up in a tandem harness and then make your way to the plane
– climb to 10.000 feet with the plane (about 20-30 minutes)
– time to jump! You’ll free-fall for 1 minute at 200km/h!
– at 1,500 metres your instructor will open the parachute
– fly under the canopy for 10 minutes enjoying the scenery
– gentle landing near the airport

The dropzone
You will be starting flying from Megara Airport , an airfield known for its General Aviation activities, about 35 minutes away from Athens! We may transfer you by our private cars while we will talk about the experiece .Also you may reach the area using the Urban train – Proastiakos . We will come to pick you up from the Megara station

What is including

What is including

Flight with a Certified Aircraft
Experienced Commercial Pilot
Experienced Instructors and Tandem Jumping experts
Free drinking water consumption
First Tandem Jumping Certificate


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