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Meteora And Mount Olympus Scenery Flights

Explore and fly over Meteora and Mountain Olympus while visiting Thessaloniki with our Cessna aircraft. Our scenic flights are an exciting way to explore Thessaloniki the ancient Makedonia and Thessalia Land scape , See the  throne of Zeus of Mountain Olympus , the  Meteora holly rocks and create a memorable experience that will last a…

From €800.00

Meteora Private Tour with Helicopter from Athens

You arrive in Athens for business or Leisure and you want to discover one of the most famus sites in Greece … We have the way to make your dream come true. Fly with our helicopter and discover the Magnificent site of Meteora. On your arrival in Meteora area our driver will pick you up…

Destination 1 Days

From €7,000.00

Make A Wish Skydive In Greece

Make a wish. Fly with our tandem parashutes and make your dream come true. Fly over the Saronic islands , over the historical naval battle of Salamis and feel the adrenaline in your body in one of our amazing flights. Discover Athens and the Saronic islands from above on this thrilling skydiving jump from 10.000…

From €240.00