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Olympus Executive Hot Air Balloon Flight


A life time experience

Explore mountain Olympus from the air .

Mount Olympus, in north east Greece, has been known as the home of Zeus and the major Greek gods since before the time of Homer. The semi-legendary author of the Odyssey and the Iliad, who may have lived any time between 800 and 1200 years before Christ, included this dramatic mountain in his stories of the gods and as the source of thunderbolts from Zeus.
It’s no surprise that magical stories grew up around Mount Olympus.

Ancient History of Mount Olympus

Although the story of Mount Olympus is rich in myth, there is very little archaeological evidence of early occupation or worship on the mountain. That is not to say it’s not there at all. Greece is so rich in heritage, perhaps few archaeologists have ventured to excavate this difficult terrain. Occasional finds of Iron Age artifacts suggest there may be more to be discovered in the future.
More can be found near the ancient Macedonian city of Dion, near the foot of the mountain. Finds in the Archaeological Park and Museum of Ancient Dion suggest that Alexander the Great and his followers made offerings to the gods here before going off to battle.

Our flight Itinerary

Olympus balloon flights is one of the  best activity in the area of Olympus.

Our flights are scheduled seven days a week, 365 days a year, weather permitting.  We do start 30 minutes before the Sunrise Transfer from your hotel with our  Olympus  hot air Balloon mini-bus.

Once at the balloon launch site, our staff will greet you with hot drinks and snacks.

You may want to bring a light jacket, as it is often fairly cool before the sunrises fully. In Winter we sudjest a heavy jucket of course.

You will be able to watch our pilots and crew inflating the balloons and preparing for take-off… When you are comfortably in the basket, your pilot will give a full flight safety briefing, explaining the landing procedures. Weather is normally very calm in this region but we always prepare passengers to take safe landing positions

The joy of ballooning is that no flight is ever the same activity. There is limited steering with a hot air balloon  – it can only go where the wind takes it – and this makes each balloon flight an adventure. Your itinerary is shaped by the wind flow, ensuring that your experience is unprecedented and never replicated.

After approximately one hour your pilot will determine a suitable landing site – one with easy access for the crew and your minibus. The pilot will remind you of the landing procedure, and then he will bring the balloon back down to earth, gently…

After landing, we will join together in a celebratory glass of champagne, the balloonists’ favorite drink!, and a flight certificate with “Olympus balloon flights”

Pick up from your hotel before the Sun Rise.Transfer to the take off area
You may participate to your hot air Balloon preparation with the instructions of our professional team.

What is including

What is including

Transfers from and to your hotel
One hour of flying around the area of mountain Olympus.
Post flight Champagne celebration and fotos
Post flight celebration with a first flight certificate signed by the captain.
Third party insurance.


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